Lunch Box Ideas for kids and Adults

Lunch Box Ideas for kids and Adults

Carrying your own lunch box is a good idea not just for kids but for adults as well. Not only it does give an opportunity to avoid plastic disposable packaging but also the control on what we eat and how much we eat.

What we eat should have a good combination of all the essential nutrients our body needs packed into clean healthy toxic free food.

As we all know about the ill effect of plastic on the environment including animals and birds, little do we talk about the adverse effects of plastic on us humans. Plastic is a cocktail of harmful toxic chemicals that leaves negative health impact (both physical and mental health) at every stage of it's lifecycle- right from extraction of oils to processing, making of products to end of life where it keeps polluting till eternal times.

Here in this article we have combined some easy to manage, full of goodness Lunch Box Ideas crafted by our friend Renae Westley also known as Life of Vegetarian. Renae has immense experience in combining healthy ingredients into healthy meals and with such an ease. She crafts them into tempting meals that anyone would love to crave for.

The objective of this article is to promote and share healthy meal ideas for everyone as we all need a bit of inspiration and a bit of nudge at times. We would love to hear back from you about what you think about these lunch box ideas and welcome your recipes that you would like to share and inspire others too in this journey


This lunch Box Idea includes:

✨ Salad of wombok cabbage, spinach, spring onion, zoodles, snow peas and black sesame seeds. Dressing of sesame oil, lime juice, tamari and maple syrup.

✨ Savoury snack = kri kri (coated peanuts).

✨ Sweet treat = Dragon fruit bliss balls.

✨ Fruit snack = plums.

✨ Veggie snack = baby carrots.

Lunch Box idea:

☺️ Lunch = lime & chilli wrap with vegan mayo, avocado, lettuce, snow pea sprouts, tofu, capsicum and cabbage. With some tomatoes on the side.☺️ Savoury snack - sweet potato and orange veggie crackers.☺️ Sweet treat - homemade vegan fruit and nut slice.☺️ Veggie snack - snow peas and pistachios (technically not a veggie though)☺️ Fruit snack - donut peaches and grapes. Lunch Box ideas for kids

This lunch and snacks idea has:

? Za’atar rolls, spinach and homegrown tomatoes.? Veggie snack - celery sticks.? Fruit snack - plums and grapes.? Sweet treat - dragon fruit bliss balls. ? Savoury snack - crackers with sweet potato dip.

This lunch and snacks include:

? Salad of pasta, semi-dried cherry tomatoes,
zoodles (zucchini noodles), spinach and
homegrown tomatoes. The pasta is tossed i
in a little bit of the oil from the jar of
tomatoes and also has a drizzle of balsamic
glaze as the dressing.? Savoury snack = corn chips.? Sweet treat = puffed quinoa caramel slice (I’ve shared this recipe before).? Veggie snack = celery and carrot sticks.? Fruit snack = strawberries. Kids lunch box ideas

This Bento Lunch Idea includes:

-Salad of zoodles (zucchini noodles), spinach, cabbage, micro herbs and tomatoes.-Margherita pizza bites.-Savoury snack = corn chips.-Sweet treat = raw blueberry cake.-Fruit snacks = kiwi, nectarine and dried dragon fruit.

This Lunch Box Idea includes:

? Salad of pasta tossed in pesto, lettuce, zoodles, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes and herby feta. Dressing of balsamic vinegar.? Pressed pretzels.? Strawberries, kiwifruit and plums.? Choc-chip bun ( #dairyfree #glutenfree )? Sunflower seed snaps and a sneaky square of chocolate. Lunch box ideas for adults

This Lunch Box Idea includes:

? Blueberry bagel with vegan cream cheese and raspberry jam.? Strawberries and dark chocolate.? Carrot sticks and snow peas.? Grapes and blackberries.
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