How to Properly Clean Reusable Drinking Straws

Straws being a thin capillary tube be it stainless steel, glass or bamboo are always ought difficult to clean and the question always comes to mind is how to clean the straws properly and effectively without leaving any joints or corners which may build up any bacterial growth or contamination.

How to Wash Reusable Drinking Straws?

Cleaning drinking straws is a very easy process with the right cleaning brush available in nylon or in natural fibre bristles.

It’s important to clean any straws before and after use, using a soap water solution and a straw cleaning brush or even in a dishwasher. 

If there has been a time lag after the straw was used then it’s always good to soak the straws in hot soap water solution before hand cleaning them or in a dishwasher.

Please note: The bristles of the Cleaning Brush lose their strength with time and recommended to replace them to maintain effective cleaning of straws.

Good quality Stainless Steel Straws like Lets go Natureal’s are made to last a life time even when used for citrus drinks as poor quality stainless steel straws rust, break or crack.  

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