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Clothes Peg Stainless Steel Marine grade

Clothes Peg Stainless Steel Marine grade

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Clothes Peg a simple product that we use everyday in pretty much every home can still leave a negative impact on the environment.


  • Pack of 24pcs.
  • Made from #316- Marine grade wire.
  • Guaranteed against rust, break or cracks.
  • 59mm x 2mm (thickness), made to last.
  • Easy to use.
  • Would not get hot in Aussie summer.
  • Paper box packaging.


Clothes Peg a simple product that we use everyday in pretty much every home can still leave a negative impact on the environment.

Plastic pegs break down in the weather and the wooden pegs go mouldy! Replacing products frequently is not a sustainable way of life as it leaves a massive impact on the environment and the planet. Any sort of manufacturing and production takes energy, resources, manpower, freight/shipping etc..

We may think the impact of plastic clothes pegs is negligible as compared to total plastic consumed and discarded globally but when we look at the bigger picture where pegs are an everyday essential used by almost every household globally and they break down easily (some last a bit longer as compared to others) even if they are UV treated or whatnot. Plastic breaks down into micro-plastics and studies have confirmed traces of microplastics found in oceans, fresh-water, waste water, air, soil and salt as well, further damaging our ecosystem.

According to Green, globally only 9% plastic gets recycled. According to Environmental Health News( EHN), globally we are producing and discarding almost 360 million tons of plastic a year.

The solution lies in consuming less, buying quality reusable products that last, can be repaired or recycled, reused without leaving a negative impact behind should be our goal.

Which Stainless Steel clothes Pegs are good?

Well, we recommend that as consumers do your diligent research and find out details about the quality, grade and thickness of the pegs. Look for pegs that are well-made, ethically sourced and from a supplier that does not mislead or misguide consumers.

Clothes Pegs made from #316 (marine grade) stainless steel are much resistant to chemicals and Chlorides ( salts) as compared to other grade like #304, #204 etc. and that's why our pegs would last longer too.

At Let's Go Nature'al, we go through rigorous testing of our products. This is shown here in this video.The pegs were left in salty sea water for more than 6 months; baked in the oven to high temperature of 200+ degrees- follow this link to find our the result.

Do stainless steel clothes Pegs get hot in summer?

The answer to this depends on the grade of stainless steel as well. #316 (Marine grade) stainless steel is heat-resisting steel as compared to poor grades of stainless steel. Hence, stainless steel pegs made from marine grade steel will not get hot in summer sun.

  • Our Lifetime Warranty is a life of 10years guaranteed against rust, breaks or cracks when used for domestic/home purpose and not for commercial/industrial purpose.

Why do we not sell other grades of Stainless steel clothes Peg?

At Let's go Nature'al, we believe in making quality products that would last as poor quality products need to be replaced often which is not sustainable for the environment. Our product may look and feel expensive but in the long run are better value for money.

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.5 kg

Most of us leave pegs out on the line when not being used and lot of us live in coastal cities where sea breeze with salt content, causes metals to rust.

Poor quality Stainless steel like #201, #204 etc. rust in a year or so and the #304 (18/8) grade takes a bit longer.

Our Marine grade (#316) Stainless Steel Pegs are guaranteed against rust, break or cracks.

Our Marine grade Clothes Pegs will NOT get hot and are perfect for Aussie summer conditions.

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