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Stainless Steel Straws, Value Pack

Stainless Steel Straws, Value Pack

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  • Pack contains 2 curved+ 2 Straight+ 1 Natural Fibre Cleaning brush.
  • Premium #304grade Stainless steel- food safe.
  • 8mm diameter- suitable for thick-shakes and smoothies too.
  • Child safe- supervision recommended for children. always ensure drinks are not too hot
  • Dishwasher safe, comes with a cleaning brush too.
  • Comes in a recyclable paper box.


Good quality well-made Stainless Steel Straws should last a lifetime saving millions of plastic disposable straws.

The history of drinking straws is quite interesting with some historians stating that Ancient Sumerians, one of the first societies known to brew beer—5,000 years ago—submerged long, thin tubes made from precious metals into large jars to reach the liquid sitting below fermentation byproducts. What do you think about these first reusable drinking straws?

Centuries later, a man named Marvin Stone was the first to file a patent for a drinking straw, in 1888 . The Smithsonian Institute cites a widely touted legend saying Stone was drinking a mint julep on a hot summer day in 1880 when his piece of rye grass, then used as a straw, began to disintegrate. Stone, a paper cigarette holder manufacturer, decided he could make something better.
He wrapped strips of paper around a pencil, glued them together, and soon had an early prototype of paper drinking straws. He patented his design in 1888, and by 1890, his factory Stone Industrial (today a part of Precision Products Group) was mass producing them.

With the advent of plastic in 1930's, slowly everything moved to be made from plastic being an excellent material to mould and shape and would last a long time. But these positive properties of plastic made it into a nuisance as well. Plastic does not go away as it is not part of nature- it does not bio-degrade.

Our Stainless Steel Straws are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable, a good alternative to the plastic disposable straws.

Stainless Steel straws are taste neutral- they do not add any flavor nor take any flavor making them a perfect reusable option.

We are the first brand in Australia to offer Natural Fibre Cleaning Brushes with all our Straws Pack. All our cleaning brushes are plastic free and made from natural fibres that are compostable, end of life.

Enjoy your favourite drinks with these Premium quality wider diameter drink straws, curved and straight.

If you would like to know more about Cleaning & Care instructions for Reusable Drinking Straws, click here.

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