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Disposable Wooden Knives 100 Pieces

Disposable Wooden Knives 100 Pieces

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Our Wooden Disposable Cutlery is perfect alternate to single use plastic cutlery.


  • Made from Sustainable wood (FSC certified)- Birchwood.
  • Use as an alternate to single use plastic cutlery.
  • Home & Backyard Compostable.
  • Length: 6.1"/155mm/15.5cm.
  • Suitable for hot & Cold foods.
  • Premium quality- smooth finish
  • Pack size: 100pcs (available for bulk commercial purchase too)
  • Packaging: Soft plastic packaging recyclable via Redcycle Recycling Program.


Our Wooden Disposable Cutlery is perfect alternate to single use plastic cutlery.

Plastic disposable cutlery along with shopping bags, tableware etc. is one of the top 10 plastic polluters in the world. Used for a few minutes and rarely recycled (as it is light in weight plus dirty), disposable cutlery ends up in landfill or waterways where it keeps on polluting and breaks down into micro and nano-plastics, doing more harm and damage.

According to Plastic Pollution Coalition, takeout orders contributed to an estimated 269,000 tons of plastic pollution swept into waterways & oceans, where they partially degrade, harming marine life and impacting human health.

Switching to good quality reusables that last a long time and do not leave a negative impact either on us or the environment should be our goal but if we ever have to use single use product then look for alternates that are sustainably sourced and made, plus end of life too do not leave a negative impact behind.

One such product is our Wooden Disposable Cutlery- free from toxic chemicals and sealants, this cutlery is 100% home & backyard compostable. End of life, return back to the nature without leaving any trace behind.

Made from sustainable resource- Birchwood, our wooden disposable cutlery is Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and ethically made. Our wooden cutlery is smooth and fine finish and would not taste like wood in mouth.

Suitable for hot & cold food and perfect to all events & occasions, picnics, BBQ's, weddings and much more.

At Goodly Gosh (previously Let's Go Nature'al), we donate 2% of our sales revenue to charities supporting social and environmental cause, so when you purchase from us, you help us in this journey of giving back to community.

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.8 kg

100pcs but we supply bulk commercial quantities too.

Being a natural wood product, this cutlery is home and backyard compostable. In regards to the duration for breaking down, it depends on the composting process used, time of the year, season etc. like all organic products.
End of life, it will not leave any trace behind.

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