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Square Plate Medium 200mm 10 Pack

Square Plate Medium 200mm 10 Pack

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Leaf Plate made from naturally fallen leaves and is 100% home & backyard compostable.


  • Leaf Plate made from Naturally fallen leaves.
  • 8"-200mm Square Plate.
  • Free from toxic- chemicals, sealants and binding agents.
  • Simply heat pressed into shapes & sizes.
  • Unique, raw, rustic finish.
  • 100% home & backyard compostable.
  • Suitable for hot & cold foods.
  • Plastic-free, BPA free.
  • Fine to go in fridge & freezer too.
  • Microwave max. up to 2 minutes.


Leaf Plate made from naturally fallen leaves and is 100% home & backyard compostable.

Perfect as an alternate to plastic disposable plates, this leaf plate is fine for hot & cold foods and free from plastic and other toxins.

WWF.ORG has listed plastic plates in the top 10 worst single plastic products around as used for a short life time it rarely gets recycled hence ends up in landfill or waterways where it breaks down into microplastics and leaches harmful chemicals.

According to Plastic Pollution Coalition, plastic litter from takeout orders- including cups, plates, cutlery and straws- is a prime source of estimated 269,000 tons of plastic pollution swept into waterways and oceans, where they partially degrade, harming marine life and affecting human health.

Reusing is always the best option but there are scenarios when we need a single use disposable option that's not plastic and can be returned back to the nature without leaving any negative trace behind.

For thousands of years, mankind has used leaves as leaf plate or for wrapping and cooking food and we tried to revive that tradition here.

Simply made by heat pressing Areca Palm leaves without use of any toxic glues or binding agents, this leaf tableware is perfect for all events and occasions.

Trendy and stylish guaranteed to add charm to your table. Being natural every piece of tableware is unique and distinct from another reflecting different colour hues ranging from peach to tan. Suitable for hot & cold foods, fine to fridge and freezer use as well.

Palm leaf plates are naturally quite sturdy and would not go soggy or flimsy like paper for a few hours.

If you would like to know more about the Eco-Palm Leaf Tableware then visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section here.

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DIMENSIONS 20 × 20 × 6 cm

QUANTITY 10pcs, 100pcs

Yes, being leaf this tableware is 100% home & backyard compostable and does not require industrial composting. Simply bury it in the ground or in a compost bin where it will break down with the elements of nature.

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